Welcome on our blog OUT in the CITY.

This is a blog in the sign of the city Oldenzaal.
Here you'll find activities which take place in Oldenzaal.
Also you will find nice tips for going out and curiosities.

Have Fun!

'De Bond'

'De Bond' in Oldenzaal is a theater with many shows.
You can find shows with;
- cabaret
- movies
- plays
- expositions
Shows are for young and old.
The most shows take place in the evening.

For more information check out the site:

Kartbaan Oldenzaal

At the Kartbaan in Oldenzaal you can kart outside.
You can kart here with a maximum of 250 person.
You’ll find the kartbaan at the Hulsbeek.

Opening hours:

Wednesday till Sunday: 13:00 till 17:00 hour.

Shopping in Oldenzaal

Do you want to shop in the beautiful Oldenzaal?
Ofcourse this is possible!
In the 'Driehoek' and the 'Vijfhoek' you will find several nice shops.
You will find here everything you need!
The 'Driehoek' is build in 1999 and is now a big popular shopping centre.
Also the 'Vijfhoek' is a nice small shoppingcentre with some cute stores.

The 'Midvastenloop'

The ‘midvastenloop’ is a walking-tour in the area of Oldenzaal.
You can walk 3 different tracks.
A track from 10, 20 or 40 kilometres.
The walking-tour takes place in the beautiful environment of Twente.
If you’ve walked 20 miles you can enjoy from some free pancakes.
The money that you raise for the walking-tour goes to a charity.

You can scribe yourself in at the VVV-Oldenzaal.
It costs €0.50 each person.
You will get the following information at the VVV.

Outdoor Sport 'Twente'

Do you feel like sporting for a whole day?
This is possible at ‘Buitensport Twente’.
You can choose out a lot of sports:
- Biking
- Stepping
- Mountainbiking
- Farmgolf
- The regional sport; ‘Klootschieten’.
- Walking
- Bow-shooting

Bekkingvelderweg 6a
7625 RM Zenderen
+31 (0) 546 -822738
+31 (0) 6 – 041024
info@kbt.nl www.kbt.nl

The Hulsbeek

The Hulsbeek is a beautiful recreationpark on the outside of Oldenzaal.
Because the park is surrounded by woods and waters there are many activities like:
- Biking
- Skateboarding
- Fishing
- Watersports
For more information see;

Swimming Pool 'Vondersweijde'


Swimmingpool Vondersweijde is a nice pool for an afternoon of swimming.
You can enjoy yourself inside the pool but also outside.
There are for instance waterfalls, an inflatable spider, hoops and diving rings.
If you want to work on your condition you can take some stretches in the competitionpool. In the swimminghall you find 2 Turkish steambaths and 4 whirlpools.
So at Vondersweijde you will certainly have a day of fun.

Address & Contact:
Ada Kokstraat
207572 EA Oldenzaal

Sauna & Beautycentrum Saré

Saré is a nice arranged sauna and beauty-centre.
You’ll find it on nature&recreation area ‘Het Hulsbeek’.
The sauna-accommodation is very stately set up.
You can relax in every space with a cosy fireplace.
Ofcourse theres also a restaurant and a good kitchen.
So for a day full of relaxing is this the right place!

Check out the site for more information;


‘De boeskool is lös’ is the summerparty from Oldenzaal with more then 150.000 visitors! This year ( 2009) from 5 august till 9 august, from Wednesday till Saturday.
By day you’ll find a lot of stalls, streetperformers and all terraces are busy.
At night there are live bands on big stages on the market, of little bands in one of the many cafés.
Do like having fun, music and ofcourse sociability?
Then this summerparty is absolutaly something for you!

Restaurants and Cafés

Bar Lounge Restaurant

Restaurant Flavour in Oldenzaal is a new modern restaurant from Hotel de Kroon.
The restaurant has got 2 beautiful and cosy spaces. They also have a bar with a big lounge where you can have nice drink.
You can have great dinners for a little price.
For more information check the site:


'Tante Annie's ', a nice café in the centre of Oldenzaal.
Eating some nice tapas or dance in the late hours?
Here you'll find it!
For more information, check the site:

Grand Café Markant

Do you want a nice evening of dancing and drinking?
Then Grand Café Markant in Oldenzaal is the place to be!
Every saturday you can party till the late hours!
check the site: http://uitgaan.grandcafemarkant.nl/

Movie Review; Marley&Me

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson unleash huge laughs as John and Jenny Grogan, a Young couple contemplating the decision to start a family. Then came Marley.. an adorable Labrador pup who flunks obedience shcool and quickly turns his new home into a disaster area. But with heart as big as his appetite for trouble, Marley sees the Grograns trough the ups and downs of life and love, and they ultimately realize that ‘the world’s worst dog’ truly brings out the best in them.